2017 Academy for Spiritual Formation Scholarship Request

Please complete the form below to be considered for a scholarship for a 2017 Three Day Academy for Spiritual Formation. Please note: priority will be given to those who register for the Academy in addition to applying for the scholarship. Remember: registration is incomplete without a $75 deposit. If you need to apply for the scholarship without registering for the retreat, please take a moment to contact the Academy Team by emailing: kristinwarthen@ctcumc.org.

*Scholarships will be given on an as needed and as available basis. You will be notified by the Academy Team once your scholarship is approved.

*First Name
*Last Name
*Telephone Number
*What is your scholarship need?
1/4 of the total cost (after $75 deposit)
1/2 of the total cost (after $75 deposit)
3/4 of the total cost (after $75 deposit)
Full Scholarship (after $75 deposit)
*Please share with us how this scholarship and attendance at the Academy for Spiritual Formation might impact your ministry/worship/spiritual practices.

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