AC16 Participation Evaluation & Survey

Please answer as many of the questions below as possible. Anything with an asterisks is a required field. Thank you in advance for taking a few short moments to help the 2017 Annual Conference Task Force in its planning for next year's Annual Conference meeting in Mansfield.

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Please share which district you represented at annual conference by clicking the appropriate button below.

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Please type the name of your home church (name of church and city) below. If you attended as a District representative or by virtue of your office, please also include the district or office.

*How did you participate in annual conference?
Alternate Member
Observer / Guest
Conference / District Staff
*How many years have you attended the Central Texas Annual Conference (both as guest and as member - total, not necessarily consecutive)?
This was my first AC experience
2-5 years
6-15 years
16-25 years
25+ years
*What days did you attend annual conference?

Please select all that apply. If you were here all days, you only need to select 'All Days'.

All Days, June 5-8
Sunday, June 5
Monday, June 6
Tuesday, June 7
Wednesday, June 8
How helpful was your District Conference in preparing you for your Annual Conference experience?
No answer
Very Helpful
Somewhat Helpful
Not Helpful
I did not attend District Conference
*How did you access the Preliminary Report?
I was exclusively digital
I primarily used the pdf, but printed a copy for safety
I accessed them via the website but printed everyting
I had someone print a copy for me
How could we make the digital publications employed during Annual Conference better and/or easier to access/use?
What were your impressions of Monday morning's teaching by Derek Bennett during the Laity Session?
What were your impressions of teaching sessions with Alan Hirsch?
*During annual conference, I experienced God's presence...
several times
at least once each day
maybe, kinda sorta once or twice
Never...not once
What lifted you spiritually during the conference?
*I learned of new ways, ideas and resources on how to energize and equip my church during annual conference.
Yes, I now have several new ideas and resources to share
Yes, I picked up an energize and equip nugget here and there
No. Not one thing.
What Idea(s) did you glean that you are most excited about sharing?
*Did you enjoy being in a convention center for annual conference?
Yes, I prefer it over meeting in a local church.
It was fine, but I think we should rotate back to local churches some years.
Being in a convention center is cool, but so is being in a local church.
No, it doesn't work well for annual conference.
*Overall, How satisfied were you with the conference facilities?
It was perfect
very satisfied
It was alright
Not ejnoyable at all
Please never have it at the convention center again.
*Overall was annual conference well-organized and well-run?
Yes - all of it
Yes -but there were a couple of very noticeable bumps
50 / 50
No, it was disorganized and too hard to follow
No, it was a total mess
Please share any and all constructive comments/suggestions on how future Annual Conference Task Forces can improve upon the Annual Conference experience.
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