AC17 Participation Evaluation & Survey

We sincerely hope you were blessed with by the worship, teaching, sharing and, yes, even the business of the 2017 Central Texas Annual Conference. Thank you in advance for taking a few short moments to help the 2018 Annual Conference Task Force in its planning for next year's Annual Conference meeting in Waco.

Please answer as many of the questions below as possible. Anything with an asterisks is a required field.

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Please share which district you represented at annual conference by clicking the appropriate button below.

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*Home Church

Please type the name of your home church (name of church and city) below. If you attended as a District representative or by virtue of your office, please also include the district or office.

*How did you participate in annual conference?
Alternate Member
Observer / Guest
Conference / District Staff
*How many years have you attended the Central Texas Annual Conference (both as guest and as member - total, not necessarily consecutive)?
This was my first AC experience
2-5 years
6-15 years
16-25 years
25+ years
*What days did you attend annual conference?

Please select all that apply. If you were here all days, you only need to select 'All Days'.

All Days, June 11-14
Sunday, June 11
Monday, June 12
Tuesday, June 13
Wednesday, June 14
*Do you understand the Wildly Important Goals (WIG) for the conference?
100% Understand and am ready to implement the strategies
Have a good understanding and a basic idea on what needs to be done
General Idea, but need some more information
No, I do not understand the WIG
Was not present, please contact me with information on the WIG
*Do you feel that the WIG’s focus on growing our worship attendance market share and focusing on professions of faith is an effective way of reversing the decline in average worship attendance?
Yes. These are the correct focus points to reverse the trend of decline.
I believe the focus is correct, but the 10 year goal isn't big enough
I believe the focus is correct, but the 10 year goal is not realistic.
No, this is not the correct focus for our conference's efforts to reverse the trend of decline.
Please share any comments, questions, concerns or suggestions related to the WIG as it was presented during AC17.
*Do you think the teaching sessions provide tangible value to the Annual Conference members?
I LOVE THEM - Have more and more please!
Learning time is great, but please frame the focus of the teachings better pre-presentation
I can take them or leave them
They are a waste of time and money
What were your impressions of the teaching sessions with Dr. Kevin Watson?
*During AC17, I experienced God's presence.
several times
at least once each day
maybe, kinda sorta once or twice
Never...not once
What lifted you spiritually during the conference?
Please share any and all constructive comments/suggestions on how future Annual Conference Task Forces can improve upon the Annual Conference experience.
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