CTCYM 2020: July Living Center Adult Leadership Application



Plans are well underway for CTCYM 2020! The CTCYM Advisory & Task Force Committee is looking forward to another exciting summer! 

Strong leadership is essential to creating a positive experience for the youth and adults who participate and the clients they serve. To read further on any of the Adult Leadership roles in a Living Center, you may download the leadership manuals on the Center Leadership page of www.ctcym.org. Thank you for prayerfully considering serving as a member of the Living Center Adult Leadership Team on one of the trips this year!

Important 2020 dates to carefully consider before submitting your application:

  • ***Mandatory Leadership Training: April 4, 2020 (1-5 p.m) at Central UMC (Waco).
  • June Trip for Senior High groups and Combination (Sr./Jr.High) groups, June 21-27, 2020 to Arkansas.
  • July Trip for Junior High groups and Combination (Sr./Jr.High) groups, July 19-24, 2020 to East Texas.

If you are unable to attend training and have served in your preferred Adult Leadership role for three out of the last five years, you may instead complete the online training. Training links will be available in January 2020. Leadership Training is mandatory and must be completed in order to serve in 2020, so please be certain you can attend this scheduled training before submitting your application. Contact Claire Condrey immediately with any questions regarding this mandatory Leadership Training.

Please note: This application must be completed in order to be considered for Center Leadership. If you will also be attending the June trip, please complete a Leadership Application for that trip as well. 

The CTCYM Leadership Covenant is available on the Center Leadership page at www.ctcym.org. Please indicate at the end of this Leadership Application that you have read the Covenant; this will serve as your electronic signature.

** This application is not a registration. You will still need to complete your individual registration at www.ctcym.org. Individual registration opens January 10, 2020.

Leadership Roles Job Summaries

Administrative Assistant: Supports Center Director with management of the Living Center i.e. paperwork, errands, reporting, etc. In some instances, may be needed to assist Worksite Coordinator with paperwork.

Center Director: Oversees planning and Management of the Living Center, which includes pre-trip communications with Host Church, securing showers, supervision during the trip, and reporting after the trip. Will turn in post-trip report. Center Director may be supported by an Administrative Assistant.

Cook Assistant: Assists Head Cook with planning, purchasing, and preparation of meals.

Head Cook: Responsible for planning, purchasing, and coordinating all meals. Will turn in post-trip report.

Program Assistant: Assists Program Director with Worship and/or recreation.

Program Director: Responsible for evening activities, including Worship, music, and recreation. Also responsible for morning and lunch devotionals. May request an assistant, assigned by CTCYM office, with delegated responsibilities for coordinating Worship and/or recreation. Will turn in post-trip report.

Worksite Assistant: Assists Worksite Coordinator with locating and planning for worksites, and in purchasing and delivering tools and supplies. It is incredibly helpful if Worksite Assistant can bring her/his own vehicle (especially trucks) to assist in delivering supplies.

Worksite Coordinator: Will locate and evaluate worksites, plan worksite needs, deliver tools and supplies, and advise on worksite needs. Will turn in post-trip report. Depending on Living Center size, there may be one or more Assistant Worksite Coordinators.


*First Name
*Last Name
*Church Group

This is the church group with whom you will attend the July trip. Search by city name first, then name of church i.e. Ft. Worth-Rosedale UMC.

If you clicked "Other" for Church Group

If the church with whom you are attending is not listed above, please indicate the name of the church and its city.

Home Church

Leave blank if your home church is the same church with which you are attending the July trip.

*Your primary phone number
Your secondary phone number
*Your mailing address

Please indicate which trip you would be willing to serve in this role:

July Trip for ONLY Junior High - July 19-24, 2020
July Trip for Combination Junior/Senior High - July 19-24, 2020
*My preferred Adult Living Center Leadership Role
Administrative Assistant
Center Director
Cook Assistant
Head Cook
Program Assistant
Program Director
Worksite Assistant (please see additional question below)
Worksite Coordinator
*Alternate Leadership Role

We will do our best to honor your request to serve. Please understand, the possibility exists that your Living Center will already have someone in your desired position, and/or we may need you to serve in a different capacity. If you would be willing to serve in another Adult Leadership position, please indicate with other role(s) you would consider:

My preferred Leadership Role only
Administrative Assistant
Center Director
Cook Assistant
Head Cook
Program Assistant
Program DIrector
Work Team Adult
Worksite Assistant
Worksite Coordinator
*Have you served in this role previously?
For Worksite Assistants only

If applying to serve as Worksite Assistant, will you be able to bring your own vehicle? (Trucks are preferable)

No answer

Please note: not being able to bring your own vehicle does not exclude you from being a Worksite Assistant; it is is helpful information to have when making Living Center assignments.

Living Center Adult Leadership Team Suggestions

DO YOU HAVE A LEADERSHIP TEAM IN MIND? We are glad to receive your requests; please know we cannot make guarantees. Please take a moment to consider with whom you would like to serve in leadership. These persons can be from your church, and/or other churches. Please leave blank if you have no suggestions. Remember, all Center Leadership applicants must complete their respective form. Leadership requests cannot be fully considered until all requested persons have completed their form. Please encourage the persons you request to complete their form as soon as possible.

[Please note CTCYM does not recommend all Living Center leadership roles be filled by one church]

Administrative Assistant

(leave blank if you have no suggestions)

Admin. Assist's Church
Center Director

(Leave blank if you have no suggestions)

Center Director's Church
Cook Assistant

(Leave blank if you have no suggestions)

Cook Assistant's Church
Head Cook

(leave blank if you have no suggestions)

Head Cook's Church
Program Assistant

(Leave blank if you have no suggestion)

Program Assistant's Church
Program Director (leave blank if you have no suggestions)
Program Director's Church
Program Director's Email
Worksite Assistant

(Leave blank if you have no suggestion)

Worksite Assistant's Church
Worksite Coordinator (leave blank if you have no suggestions)
Worksite Coordinator's Church
Brief additional comments, requests, or questions are welcome here:
Center Leadership Covenant

Please carefully read over the CTCYM Adult Leadership Covenant  found on the Center Leadership page of www.ctcym.org. These expectations and goals are for the preparation and planning for the mission trip, the mission week itself, and the post-trip evaluation. After reading the covenant, please check the below box to signify your agreement. This will serve as your online signature.

*I have read and understand the CTCYM Leadership Covenant.
*Signed (type name):
*Today's date
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