Central Texas Conference SMALL CHURCH SUMMIT

Throughout our Chrisitian history, small local churches have been a powerful and vital part of our mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Today, nearly 70 percent of the local churches of the Central Texas Conference are small churches (churches that average less than 100 in worship each week). These churches are vital parts of the communities they serve, but they do have significant and unique challenges - challenges large churches often do not face. As such, lay and clergy leaders from around the Central Texas Conference are requested to register and attend the 2017 Small Church Summit (SCS) on September 16 at Stephenville FUMC.  While all are welcome and encouraged to attend, Bishop Lowry and the CTC leadership have designed this summit to highlight the myriad opportunities available to, as well as the challenges facing, the small churches of the CTC.

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