ERT Class Host Site Information

Thank you for offering to host a class and recognizing the need to have trained folks ready to help in a disaster.

Contact Person

This is the person that Central Texas Conference will be in contact with, and possibly the trainers, before the class.

*First Name
*Last Name
*Church Name
*Church Address
Additional Contact Person:

Please provide name and contact information if we need to be in contact with another person as well.

*We would like to host the following class(es):
Early Response (ERT) Class (8 hrs.)
Recertification Early Response (ERT) Class (4 hrs.)
Emotional/Spiritual Care Classes (8 hrs)
Connecting Neighbors Class
UMVIM Team Leader Training Class (4 hrs.)

*UMCOR policy requires that there must be a minimum of seven persons registered in order to conduct a training class. If the class for which you are hosting does not meet that minimum by the end of the Monday before it is scheduled, you will be notified of the cancellation. Because of this we ask that you help promote the training class to the folks in your church.


*Classroom Location

Please provide classroom location and a short description on how people get to the classroom.
Most classrooms need to be set up with tables and chairs in a U-shape.  Most classes use a PowerPoint presentation. 

*Date of Class:

Please provide several possible dates, if possible, so we can connect your class needs with trainer availablity.


We understand that we will provide water and coffee for the class. (Class materials and snacks will be provided by CTC, as well as lunch if required.)

Additional Questions

If you have any questions, please ask them here?

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