Stewardship Ministry Survey Questions for Lay and Clergy Leaders

The purpose of this survey is to discern what ways local churches and their lay and clergy leaders will benefit from development and fundraising support from the Conference. 

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*Worship Attendance

Please share your church's average weekly worship attendance.


“As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of Gods varied Grace.”    1 Peter 4:10  

Please answer the following survey questions and share as much detail as you’d like in the comment sections.

*1. Does this definition describe stewardship as you understand it?

Stewardship is the outgrowth of faithful discipleship to Christ.  As Christian stewards, we receive God’s gifts gratefully, cultivate them responsibly, and share them lovingly in pursuit of our mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Stewardship is lived through prayer, participation and generosity. This call to the life of stewardship, at times, takes the form of an organized program and may involve further invitations to pledge and/or tithe.

If your answer is no, please describe stewardship as you understand it.
*2. Stewardship Ministry

At its most effective, stewardship ministry aligns completely with the mission of the church. In what ways does the stewardship ministry of your church help accomplish the Conference WIG (Wildly Important Goal) to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world?

*3. Is developing a “stewardship culture” part of your church’s Mission/Vision/Values?
*4. Does your church have a plan for developing a “stewardship culture?”
If yes, please explain in the comments section below
*5. Which of the following is part of this year’s plan to develop a “stewardship culture” in your church?
Small Groups
Estate Planning
Special Projects: capital, missions, church planting
Resources: Books, seminars, online/digital
Not applicable/no plan to develop stewardship culture
If Other, please give more information
*6. From which of the following stewardship subjects would you or members of your church most benefit? Choose all that apply.
Personal Budgeting
Investing: Life, Education Planning, Gifts, Resources, Energy, Etc.
Dealing with debt
Money and Marriage
If Other, please give more information
*7. Please check all the boxes below that apply to your church's stewardship education system.
Discussions about stewardship in your church perceived as unuusal or threatening.
Messages from the pulpit include references to stewardship.
Children inprimary education are offered lessons on the importance of giving to support the church's God-given mission.
New members hear the importance of giving in new members' classes.
Each major ministry area integrates stewardship into its planning and activities.
Your church deals with the elements of stewardship--prayer, presence, giving, service and witness--separately and at different times of the year.
Tithing is encouraged.
Stewardship literature cautions about reciprocity,
Additional Comments
*8. There are many new tools available to help people give. Please check the giving options about which you would be interested in learning more.
A charity account in the church's name at a local brokerage firm.
Planned giving services that encourage people to give annuities, set up trusts, or include the church in their will.
Designated giving to specific ministries of the church.
Less-traditional giving methods, such as payroll deduction, automatic electronic fund transfer, “text to give”, and online giving.
Additional Comments
*9. In which of the following ways does your church regularly communicate about its stewardship and finances position.
Church leaders model biblical stewardship.
Church leaders regularly communicate about the church’s financial position.
Financial information is always available, not only once a year.
Members are encouraged to joyfully give 10 percent of their income to the mission and ministry of Christ’s church.
The church models joyful giving by giving to various mission organizations or programs beyond itself.
Periodic giving statements are sent to encourage faithful giving, to reinforce joyful giving, and to provide information about new opportunities and strategies for making disciples of Jesus Christ.
Testimonies from people in the congregation who have learned to give as an act of worship and discipleship are communicated.
Stories of impact are shared that bring focus to the accomplishments of the church which are made possible through the giving of faithful members.
Ongoing stewardship reflections are provided in all of church communication vehicles, the bulletin, the newsletter, the church website.
Additional comments
*10. Would having a stewardship, development, and fundraising officer on the Conference staff help local churches?
*If Yes, would your church use this resource?
Additional Comments
*11. How can the Conference help you develop a more effective stewardship ministry for your church?
Mission and Value Statements
Major Gift Prospecting
Investment Strategies
Theological grounding for campaigns
Recommendations for sermon series on stewardship
Best practices for scheduling campaigns and campaign procedures
Small group resources
Technological solutions and options
Tools for creating stewardship campaigns
Resources for capital and endownment campaigns
Options for financial planning and investment
Support for encouraging planned giving
Seminars an training and congregational financial management based in theology
Additional Comments
12. Please share any additional comments, questions, concerns or ideas in the box below.
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