New Faith Communities Grant Application

The Smith Center for Evangelism and Church Growth (“CECG”) will offer a maximum of $10,000 to each church that submits an accepted proposal of a New Faith Community it intends on starting within the year of receiving the grant. The proposal must be accepted and approved by the District Superintendent, CECG Executive Director, and Bishop Lowry. CECG, in partnership with District Superintendents, is looking to identify churches with untapped potential in promising mission fields. The goal would not just be increased attendance but for churches to grow to greater life and mission. Please complete the following application and click the submission button below.

Primary Point of Contact for this Application

Please provide the name of the best point of contact should there be any questions regarding your application. Fields with an asterisks are required fields for submission.

*First Name
*Last Name
*Name of Proposed New Faith Community
General Information
*Location of Proposed New Faith Community

Please provide the street address and the home church

*New Faith Community Leader(s) - Name, phone and email

Please list those who will be leading this proposed New Faith Community as well as providing their contact information (main phone number & email address)

Sponsoring Congregation Information
*Which Local Church is sponsoring this proposed New Faith Community?
Please share the name of the Sr./Lead Pastor of the Local Church sponsor
*What is the Sr./Lead Pastor's contact info (primary phone and email address)?
Request for Funding Application
*Please make your financial request of up to $10,000
Vision, Strategy & Goals

Please provide concise answers to the following questions. PLEASE NOTE that there are no character limits on any of the boxes below.  So, while the boxes look small, the box will expand as you type.

*1. Who do you intend to reach that you're not already reaching?
*2. Vision: What is your vision for this New Faith Community; be specific, include numbers?
*3. Discernment: What research and due diligence has been done in preparation?
*4. Target: Who are you trying to reach, what demographics, what needs are you trying to meet, what leads you to believe they might be receptive?
*5. Strategy: give time frame with dates on the calendar, name of New Faith Community, any resources, what is the dedicated space that will be used, and are there any core groups already dedicated for this New Faith Community?
*6. Discipleship Pathway: how will this make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world; what is the pathway to discipleship for this New Faith Community?
*7. Who will the lead person be, who will assist them, give the names the team?
*8. Identify the prayer team who will be praying for and supporting this New Faith Community
*9. Name any community partnerships that will be a part.
*10. Is there a specific model that is being used for inspiration and direction?
*11. You must provide a financial plan including benchmarks that must be achieved that define success for this Faith Community that include a defined process for when and how to end the New Faith Community if it does not reach those dated benchmarks.
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