Toward Peace & Trust

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE SOUTH DISTRICT EVENT SCHEDULED FOR SEPT. 30 at FIRST TEMPLE UMC HAS BEEN CANCELLED. If you registered for this event and would like to attend one of the other district meetings, you are more than welcome and highly encouraged to do so. Please contact your district office to have your registration amended.

This fall, each district will host an opportunity for laity and clergy in the Central Texas Conference to consider the critical conversations our denomination is having regarding church unity and human sexuality.

In the midst of our Church’s impasse over the inclusion of LGBTQ Christians, (as well as the tension created by cultural divisions), we want to take time to engage in practices that build peace and trust among neighbors. This will not be an opportunity to debate or persuade or win. Rather, it is a chance to learn from brief talks by speakers, listen to others in dialogue around the table and imagine how people of differing opinions might powerfully share in the mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Each event will take place on a Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Please register a minimum of one week prior to the event you plan to attend. If you are unable to attend the one hosted by your district, you are more than welcome to attend an event in another district.

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Please select which event you plan to attend. All dates below are Saturdays. You may attend any meeting that fits your schedule and are not required to attend the one in your home district. You may amend your registration at any time by contacting your district office should your plans change. .

Oct. 14 - Arborlawn UMC (North District Host)
Oct. 21 - Keller UMC (East District Host)
Nov. 4 - Central UMC (Central District Host)
Dec. 2 - First Stephenville UMC (West District Host)
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