Youth Worker Continuing Education Scholarship Form 2019-2020

Attending Youth Ministry conferences as continuing education is a fantastic and important way for your church to invest in young people. If you are attending one this year that is not included on this list, please feel free to email the information to Claire so that she can add it. If money would prohibit you from attending a conference, please complete this application for a Continuing Education Scholarship from the Central Texas Conference. A limited number of scholarships are given each year and are contingent upon you asking your church to support you first.

Two options (but not limited to these two) are:

  • Perkins School of Youth Ministry: (This 4-day conference, held in Dallas, will change the way you do ministry and will introduce you to great new friends).
  • National Youth Worker Convention: (NYWC, to be held in Tampa this year, has been training, equipping, and encouraging youth workers for more than 45 years as part of Youth Specialties).



*First Name
*Last Name
*Have you received this scholarship before?
If "yes," when?
*What church do you serve?

(Full name of church, please)

*What is your role in the church?
Full-time Youth Worker
Part-time Youth Worker
If you checked "Other" as your church role, please share with us your title/role:
*Length of time in ministry at current church
*Length of time in Youth Ministry
*Amount of funding requested
*Amount being supplied by local church
*For what will this grant be used?
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